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Meet Scott Saffold, MD

Scott Saffold, M.D.Dr. Saffold believes that one of his primary roles is to help patients make intelligent decisions about their health care. Says Dr. Saffold, “Very often the difference between adequate healthcare and excellent healthcare depends upon whether the provider actually cares about their patient’s well-being.”

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Meet Kevin Meakin, DO

Kevin Meakin, MD

Dr. Meakin believes that actively listening to and acknowledging his patients' concerns play an integral part in their care. Patient-centered care is the focus of Dr. Meakin’s practice style and philosophy. He believes that quality health care utilizes a contemporary ENT treatment approach, while putting the patient first. 

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Meet the Team at Chesapeake Bay ENT

The team at Chesapeake Bay ENT is a talented group of highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to providing excellent medical care. Each with their own unique personality and interests, they are all committed to ensuring that you have the best experience possible during your visit.

Meet Our Practitioners

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